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The misinterpretation of the word Navajo


I can’t bear to use the word “Navajo” unless I have to.  In replace of the misinterpretation, is Dine’.  It speaks for itself “We, the People” and demands respect.  Changing Woman loved us so much she called us Dine’tah.


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Quadlin a 25-year-old white male, brought a loaded weapon into Wal-Mart. He then began to argue with 36-year-old Chee and his wife, Arlinda Shirley, both whom are members of the Navajo Nation. The argument became heated and turned into a scuffle.

Quadlin claims that he was “losing” the fight and pulled out his gun and shot Chee. In an interview, Shirley expressed that her husband was there to “protect” her from “that guy.” Quadlin has neither been arrested nor charged with any crime.

My thoughts on Elizabeth Cook-Lynn

I just finished her book called, “A Separate Country: Postcoloniality and American Indian Nations.”

Cook-Lynn is arguably the hardest person (but poignant) to read and she is a scholar that we need to understand.  I appreciate her now.  I’m so glad I got through her book because I’ve had a few “slap in the face” moments and took many time-outs (much needed) in order to wrestle her words.  Yet, I swallowed every criticism because I know what she wrote bears some truth worth learning about.  I’m warriored up now. Aho!

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@ 3:16 “you have anything on colonization…”


⁜ Into The Blue  by Andy Lee

How I feel when my favorite grocery items are on sale